nhance Your Skin's Radiance with Makeup for a Natural Glow

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best beauty products that we've been loving! From tried-and-true favorites to exciting new releases, our editors have curated a comprehensive collection of must-have items for the month of August. As we bid farewell to the last days of summer and eagerly anticipate the onset of fall, we're excited to share our latest beauty discoveries with you.
This August, our focus in skincare has been on soothing and fortifying the skin barrier, especially after prolonged exposure to the outdoors. We're loving antioxidant-rich serums and lightweight moisturizers that are perfect for transitioning into the new season. Join us as our editors delve into why these products have become staples in our routines. One standout product that has captured our attention is a dual-ended eyeliner that has quickly become an essential in our makeup arsenal. With a classic matte black pencil on one end and a sparkling champagne shade on the other, this liner effortlessly defines and brightens the eyes. Inspired by icons like Zoƫ Kravitz and Sailor Moon, we've found that this liner instantly adds a luminous, doe-eyed effect to our look.
While we've experimented with various techniques to make our eyes appear larger and more awake, we've found that traditional methods like using white or nude eyeliner in the waterline can sometimes appear harsh and artificial. That's why we're loving the bright shade offered by Charlotte Tilbury's liner, which strikes the perfect balance between subtle enhancement and eye-catching allure.
What sets this eyeliner apart is its creamy, smooth formula that glides effortlessly onto the skin without tugging or smudging. Whether we're creating a precise winged look with the black side or adding a touch of dewy glow to our lids with the champagne hue, this versatile pencil has quickly become a staple in our beauty routine. As we navigate the changing seasons and adapt our beauty routines accordingly, we're excited to continue exploring new products and techniques to enhance our natural beauty. Stay tuned for more editor-approved recommendations and beauty insights!